Welcome to our Resources page

We will upload links to publications and other resources related to the criminalisation of poverty and debt to this page:

Destitution in the UK 2020, report by the Joseph Rowntree Association. Read Here

Investigation into the housing of rough sleepers during the Covid-19 pandemic, National Audit Office. Read Here

‘It caused me big stress’: U-turn on plans to decriminalise non-payment of TV licence fee ‘will disproportionately hit women’, Maya Oppenheim, The Independent. Read Here

The Case for Sustainable Funding for Women’s Centres by Women in Prison, Women’s Budget Group and four partner specialist providers of Women’s Centres (The Nelson Trust, Together Women, Anawim and Brighton Women’s Centre). Read Here.

Stopping Short? Sentencing Reform and Short Prison Sentences, by Helen Mills, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, UK Policy Review. Read Here

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