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On Wednesday the 11th November 2020 The ‘ICP’ alliance launched its first webinar as part of the University of Birmingham’s ‘ESRC Festival of Social Science’ to discuss the issues around the criminalisation of poverty. We brought together an expert panel from academia, policy and practice to discuss how we can end the criminalisation of poverty. The online audience of 300 strong indicated that there is a real interest in discussion and exchange of ideas on this growing issue.

Speakers included: Richard Garside, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Tara Casey, APPEAL, Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing at the University of Birmingham and Professor Eddie Kane, Centre for Health and Justice, Nottingham. The evening opened with presentations from Rona Epstein, Honorary Research Fellow, Coventry Law School, Coventry University on ‘A Brief History of Debt and Punishment’ – view and listen Here, and from Martine Lignon, Chair of The Prisoners’ Advice Service on the ‘Criminalisation of Rough Sleeping and Begging’ , view and listen Here.

Watch the webinar Here.

Find the ICP briefing paper that accompanied the webinar Here.

Other publications on the criminalisation of poverty and debt:

Why are women being disproportionately penalised for TV licence non-payment?, Naima Sakande in Open Democracy. Read Here

Imprisonment for Debt, Rona Epstein, Criminal Law and Justice Weekly. Read Here

Alternatives to custody: Evidence from Police Force Areas in England and Wales, Juste Abramoviate, Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Samrat Bhattacharya, Nick Cowen, Centre for Crime and Justice. Read Here

Mothers in Prison, the sentencing of mothers and the rights of the child, by Rona Epstein, Coventry Law School Research paper. Read Here

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