This page will bring you all the latest news relevant to our topic “Is it a crime to be poor?

*NEW* 25 November 2021 – Vagrancy: Government urged to decriminalise rough sleeping – BBC News

25 August 2021 – Crisis UK call on MPs to scrap the Vagrancy Act. Follow #ScrapTheAct on Twitter or see Crisis UK

23 August 2021 – Challenge Poverty Week England and Wales is 11-17 October 2021 see here for more information

8 July 2021 – The Guardian – Police bill risks criminalising homeless people, warns UK charity

28 June 2021 – Review bye-laws that criminalises poverty – Political Science Lecturer – an interesting news article from Ghana

21 June 2021 – Transport for London evicting rough sleepers from public areas in potential breach of law

21 May 2021 – The BMJ Opinion – Rona Epstein and John Middleton discuss why It is more urgent than ever that we end the criminalisation of poverty

12 May 2021 – The Open University- Harm & Evidence Research Collaborative – Sharon Hartles has written this blog article – Vagrancy Act 1824: Consign it to History!

27 April 2021 – The Guardian – All Covid fines in England should be reviewed, MPs say – This includes a discussion of the disproportionate impact of Covid fines – i.e. those that cannot afford to pay the fines are faced with a criminal record.

RAND Cooperation has just published its Outcome Evaluation of the National Model for Liaison and Diversion (March 2021)

18 April 2021 – The Guardian – Tackle Poverty and Inequality to reduce crime, says Police Chief

11 April 2021 – i Newspaper – Robert Jerrick accused of failing to honour promise to abolish Vagrancy Act which makes rough sleeping a crime

29 March 2021 – New York University News release – Prosecuting non-violent misdemeanours increases re-arrest rates, new study shows

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