The ‘Is it a Crime to be Poor?’ Alliance

We are a diverse group of people who, either individually or as part of their organisation, care deeply about the criminalisation of poverty. We believe it violates equality under the law and principles of social justice. Criminalisation of poverty is also economically and socially costly and has negative spill over effects on the whole of society.

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What’s New – Events

On Wednesday 29 June we will be holding an event at Birmingham University on the theme IS IT A CRIME TO BE POOR? We will be discussing the criminalisation of rough sleeping and begging; the school exclusion to prison pipeline; imprisonment for council tax debt (still applied in England, no longer applied in Scotland or Wales); prosecution for TV licence payment default; diversion programmes;  and other issues. To find out more, click here.

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Some examples of the criminalisation of poverty …

Council tax and TV licence non-payment


Rough sleeping and begging


Covid-19, poverty and criminalisation


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